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St. Andrew's Day in Scotland & BarbwireLand
Be well. Raise hell. Stay safe. Ciao.

Happy High Holly Days to all
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January-July 2021 U-News Front Page Headlines

Breaking News & Bulletins

Agreement ends Bus Strike 3
Did St. Andrew intervene?
Trending downward even before strikes, driver ranks now down by 50%, no return to full service soon

I want my $10,000.00, dammit!
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 12-1-2021

Happy Thanksgibleting: Grueling gruel from the cruel
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 11-24-2021


Striking picketers fired on in Reno
4 of 6 hit with rock salt & BB-gun rounds
Bus strikers continue to refuse three-year pay cut

GARY WATSON, President
Teamsters Union Local 533
(775) 348-6060 ext. 104

Links, recent archives & 3+ decades of Teamsters/RTC history at

RENO, Nev. USA (November 19, 2021 / 17:24:22 PST) — Six Teamsters Union picketers were fired upon in downtown Reno at about 4:50 p.m. PST (00:50 GMT 11-20). Four were hit while marching in the proximity of the E. 4th Street bus terminal in the hotel/casino district. The shots were fired from a red pickup truck.

"I told my members to call 911 and immediately informed Reno Police Chief Jason Soto and Deputy Chief Tom Robinson," stated Teamsters Local 533 President Gary Watson.

"Even supposedly non-lethal rounds can do serious damage, especially to someone's eyes," Watson said.

Reno Police are on scene right now and the union has been informed that the pickup's rider(s) may be shooting at others in the downtown area.

The union went on strike a third time in four months when the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County's foreign contractor insisted on a non-negotiable below-inflation pay scale which would amount to a three-year pay cut.

BB found on site of picketers assault on November 19

Local 533 has represented Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County transit system employees since 1987. Chartered in 1934, Teamsters Local 533 represents about 2,200 workers in various trades throughout northern Nevada and eastern California, including about 200 RTC/Keolis workers. The three dozen-plus member unions of the Northern Nevada Central Labor Council/AFL-CIO voted for strike sanctions before the Hot August Strike. They supported the second work stoppage during "Striketober" and have done so again with Strike 3 now on the streets.

The United Labor Agency of Nevada has helped arrange a strike fund. Please send checks to United Labor Agency of Nevada, 1201 N. Decatur Blvd. Suite 106, Las Vegas, NV 89108; Attn: Teamsters Keolis Strike. OR...


Sign the FIRE KEOLIS petition

RTC Washoe Contact Information — Utilize frequently

The Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County is comprised of Sparks Mayor Ed Lawson (R), Washoe County Commissioners Vaughn Hartung (R) and Bob Lucey (R); Reno City Councilmembers Oscar Delgado (D) and Neoma Jardon, (R), board chair. RTC board e-mail <>, (RTC Executive Director Bill Thomas),

HIGHLIGHT, COPY AND PASTE (Reno Councilmember Oscar Delgado-D), (Washoe County Commissioner Vaughn Hartung-R), (Reno Councilmember/RTC Chair Neoma Jardon-R), (Sparks Mayor Ed Lawson-R), (County Commissioner Bob Lucey-R), (RTC Executive Director Bill Thomas), (RTC board e-mail),

Teamsters Union 533 Strike War Room

Y11/19 ShotsFired/Strike3/Keolis-19/ibt/Unews/opsn21



Ghosts of Christmas past bite us on the ass
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 11-17-2021

Help rebuild Nevada's infrastrucure and create Nevada jobs
By Rob Benner / Building & Construction Trades Council of Northern Nevada/AFL-CIO/ Reno Gazette-Journal op-ed 11-17-2021


FIRE KEOLIS! —Teamsters Union members march on Reno City Hall

Bus system overlords go on strike
Why did RTC chickens cross the road? To avoid voters!
Regular RTC meeting cancelled while system collapses

Bus strikers continue to refuse three-year pay cut and call for executive director's resignation

BREAKING NEWS: Reno inflation hits 7%
Reno is in the Mountain Division and its CPI (cost of living index)
went from 6% in September to 7% in October
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics / 11-10-2021

Gee, now the Teamsters' demand for a 17.4% pay raise for mass transit workers seems quite reasonable compared to the bus system's "last-best offer" (an inflation-eroded pay cut) of 12% for three years or 4% annually. The union has demanded a pay increase of 5.3% to 6.3%. The midpoint is 5.8% per year, or 17.4% over three years, below the 7%/21% current rate which everyone hopes will go down as the economy recovers from the plague.

IS 18 PERCENT ENOUGH? Reno is in the top 10 cities nationally for year-over-year rent increases according to Apartment Guide (KRNV TV-4 10-4-2021). Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment broke $1,600.00 for the first time ever in the second quarter. ( 8-16-2021)


Strike 3: Washoe transit workers walk off again
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 11-9 & 11-10-2021

STRIKE 3 hit the streets at Eee-Yo-Leven a.m. Nov. 9

LANDSLIDE—Union members vote 9 to 1 to walk

Third Washoe/Carson bus strike in four months
Foreign contractor offers $1,000 bribes to take pay cuts


Sign the FIRE KEOLIS TRANSIT petition

Teamsters Union: Third Mass Transit Strike Imminent
By Bob Conrad / 11-4-2021

By Bob Conrad / 11-7-2021

Bus system bosses' best offer busted
Lower level casino jobs offer more
Mike Pilcher Guest Commentary / / 11-8-2021

Teamsters Union 533 Strike War Room


Pitchforks, torches, mensches, tar & feathers
Moonhowlers on Steroids
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno
Substantially updated from the Sparks Tribune 11-3-2021

Ripoffs, Riches, Riots, Rhymes and R-ratings
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 10-27-2021

"I wept because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet"

On the smoky streets of Reno

Left to right: Cindy Davidson, Logan & Michael Lansborough.
Cindy and Michael are union bus operators.

     "My son Logan, in the wheelchair, was born with congenital absence of the tibia.
At 17 months, Logan had an operation to amputate his legs. When Keolis first took over the contract, I was trying to get Logan some new prosthetic legs when the company making the legs informed me that the insurance company informed them that I had been terminated while Keolis continued to collect my premiums. I had never missed work other than doctors appointments." —  Michael Lansborough

Transit bosses illegally cut service to seniors and disabled...

While Logan rallies his dad and his supporters for justice

Logan Lansborough and his fellow trade unionists taking the heat and bringing heat to the streets of Reno in the quest for workplace dignity and fairness. Feel free to pick up a sign and join them any day and into the evening at the downtown bus station, 200 E. 4th Street, Reno 89501.



Barbwire wins 11th Nevada Press Association award
6 of 11 gold
Tribune editorial page voted 2020 best

Dennis Myers 2nd Barbwire nominee elected to NPA Hall of Fame

Support Don Dondero and Jake Highton next
Send endorsements

The Dean's List

   The Dean of Reno Bloggers could very well be Andrew Barbano, self-described "fighter of public demons," who started putting his "Barbwire" columns online in 1996 and now runs 10 sites.

RENO NEWS & REVIEW, 11-9-2006


The Lady in the Red Dress
The Barbwire's classic Nevada Day column written in 1983
The compleat history of the Silver State in 500 words


Je Suis Charlie

30+ years of Barbwire Archives thru today


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      "I think it is dangerous to confuse the idea of democracy with elections. Just because you have elections doesn't mean you are a democracy...I'm still taken aback at the extent of indoctrination and propaganda in the United States. It is as if people there are being reared in a sort of altered reality, like broiler chickens or pigs in a pen."

Indian novelist Arundhati Roy
in the Barbwire of 9-12-2004

The American electorate is a dumb cow that follows the herd, is easily stampeded, gets milked for all she's worth and produces offspring for meat, muscle or cannon fodder to benefit the few. When all used up, she is sent to the slaughterhouse so that she may give her overlords the last full measure of devotion, bones for Jello and hide for belts. No stars and stripes for her grave because she doesn't merit one, having been totally consumed by our consumptive system.
Barbwire 9-12-2010

"If elections mattered, they wouldn't let us do it." Travus T. Hipp, 1982

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The unmatched and comprehensive online meeting hall
for Nevada workers since 1995

The tale of our gorgeous union-created graphics

In 2002, we were honored to produce the Centennial Book for the 100th anniversary of the founding of northern Nevada Painters and Allied Trades Local 567/AFL-CIO. Working on a short time frame, we cast a nationwide net for appropriate cover art and succeeded beyond our wildest dreams thanks to muralists Kathleen Scarboro and Kathleen Farrell. The above illustration ("Papering the World: Joliet's Wallpaper Industry") appeared on the cover and interior of Local 567's Centennial Book, copies of which have been submitted to Nevada libraries and historical organizations. The mural, painted on a wall in Joliet, Illinois, depicts Painters Union members manufacturing wallpaper the old fashioned way, long about the time of Local 567's founding. Ms. Farrell is a member of United Scenic Artists Local 829, an affiliate of the International Union of Painters & Allied Trades/AFL-CIO. Ms. Scarboro is a member of the Maison des Artists in Paris, the association which represents artists in France.

Ms. Farrell executes murals, mosaics and figurative sculptures for the labor movement. Her work and that of others may be viewed at the Friends of Community Public Art web site. "We have added new table top size sculptures for sale as well as additions of our life size sculptures," she says. "A number of the sculptures feature union members including the Baseball Player (The Catch) and The Firefighter. I have also finished the rad workers sculpture I mentioned awhile back. I welcome work from unions that would like to buy the existing sculptures or hire me to create awards, tabletop size sculptures and life size sculptures."

Sister Farrell may be contacted at; phone (815) 722-4140; fax (815) 722-9007. You may view more of her work and obtain additional contact information at

Rotating at the top of this site as well as in pastel form in the background of this page is a mural produced for the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union/AFL-CIO. The others were acrylics on canvas done for the United Food and Commercial Workers and to memorialize the plight of U.S. chicken processing workers (si podemos). Enjoy.

Be well. Raise hell.

Murals/montages copyright © Kathleen Farrell

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