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Machine Guns & Racism in Nevada's Alabaster Bastion
Updated 11-3-2021

Pitchforks, torches, mensches, tar & feathers
Moonhowlers on Steroids
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno
Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 11-3-2021

Alabaster Bastion bucks up superspreaders
Dirty words to remember on the Ides of September
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 9-15-2021

Donny & Jimmy's Most Excellent White Castle Adventure
2021 Nevada Press Association Award Winner
Barbwire by
/ Expanded from the 9-16-2020 Sparks Tribune

Barbwire Confidential —>HushHush!
Donny & Jimmy's Most Excellent White Castle Adventure

Douglas County Commission Chairman wanted to cut library funding after director showed support for Black Lives Matter

THE PULITZER THAT WILL NEVER BE — Reno Gazette-Journal photographer Jason Bean's thousand-word picture appeared on the front page of the Sunday, August 9, actual-paper edition of the newspaper. Reporter Jenny Kane rather clumsily started off her coverage by asserting that the debacle was (oxymoron alert) "a protest to support" freedom-loving racist Douglas County Sheriff Dan Chokerley. (Hall of Fame UNR Journalism Prof. Jake Highton would have shown no mercy for that lead.) Actually, the event was called by the loosely organized ad hoc Black Lives Matter-Carson City. The people in the photo are unidentified but the picture really does tell you all you need to know — White guy in a Black Lives Matter mask being confronted by a mask-off white guy in a bulletproof vest. (Gotta hunch I know what's hanging from the front of the Kevlar. What's hanging from the gentleman's mouth should probably best remain a mystery.) In the paper, the black-on-black lettering on the lady's top was hard to see. So was it published by mistake? Perhaps. Or did somebody over at the Incredible Shrinking RGJ show major guts? I hope so. Were there better photos? Perhaps. The RGJ's website carries 133 of them but it's not worth looking for the above. It's been nuked. Here's what the ubiquitous and very efficient stated after a websearch: "Sorry. This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine." (Props to Jay Ward, Mr. Peabody and Sherman) George Carlin, call your office.

In its Sunday, August 30 edition, the RGJ featured the young protest organizer and his unlikely protector.

ONE PHOTO CAPTURED THE STORY OF THAT DAY — Brian Johnson, middle in white cowboy hat, and Jerome Silas, foreground in black shirt, are seen during a Black Lives Matter protest in Minden on Aug. 8. Johnson is seen in the moment trying to protect the first amendment rights of Silas and his fellow BLM protesters from being infringed upon by some residents of Douglas County who showed up to counter protest. (Verbatim RGJ sub-headline and photo caption.)

You, dear reader, must judge for yourself which photo best tells the story. If Gannett goes Pulitzer phishing, I know where I'd put my money. One thing remains certain: Douglas County, Nevada's whitest and wealthiest, remains no country for black men. Witness that the Douglas Library Board is now spending $30,000 investigating its own director, Amy Dodson, whose suggestion that the organization follow the lead of the American Library Association in supporting Black Lives Matter started this major international public relations coup here in the resurging Mississippi West.

I'm thinking of applying to perform the investigation and I'll do it for half price by simply handing the Alabastards copies of media reports. "There's nothing to discover," said dissenting board member Elizabeth Foley, who added that it would make Douglas "a national pariah...for promoting diversity." Amen. Hope nobody burns a cross on your lawn anytime soon.

All in all, kudos and blessings to all of the white hats in this affair for standing with black people. — AB

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BREAKING NEWS AND THEN SOME—>There is justice in the world. Trump actually had to drive the 60+mile route both ways.
Oh, the humanity!

Margaret Dumont and Groucho Marx
Still crazy after all these years.

Barbwire Confidential —>HushHush!
Donny & Jimmy's Most Excellent White Castle Adventure
2021 Nevada Press Association Award Winner
Updated 11-3-2021

The world class Barbwire investigative team has spared every expense to obtain a secret internal memo from an inside GOP source, DeepGLOP:

TO: Chairpersons, both Nevada Republican Parties (you know who you are)
FROM: Strategery Dept.
RE: Presidential visit this weekend in the Douglas County Alabaster Bastion

As you are aware, our leader will descend hereabouts this weekend, flying thru hellfire and damnation into Reno, then driving — driving! — an hour each way to get to the postage-stamp Minden Airport. Such an indignity was foisted upon him by frightened Nevada liberals because polls show the state in almost a dead heat (treasonous liberal by 4, +/- 3, adjust for fake news bias).

We believe we have solved the transportation situation. We have suggested that he fly from Reno to Minden aboard a Nevada National Guard helicopter – on the same day that his cutting the guard's COVID-19 budget has Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak screaming like a stuck donkey. Revenge is a dish best served cold, eh, fellow Klingons?

Please turn out your die-hards (and I mean that literally, see below). Tell them not to wear masks as it just pisses off the old man. You can wear your cammos but please leave your machine guns at home. Oops, I forgot — we're talking Douglas County. Bring the heat. And your babies.

I hope they don't invite that treasonous library director who's trying to pervert the minds of our children with sympathy for black and brown terrorists. Does anybody know if Nevada Assembly Minority Leader Jim Wheeler can attend? The president would like a guy who says he'd vote for slavery if his constituents want it. That's true back-to-the-future democracy, not that wussy booklearning stuff.

We can turn defiance of Nevada's Antifa pro-mask governor into a net positive while cutting our losses. Make sure to keep detailed records of everyone who shows up. Some may exhibit COVID-19 symptoms from the rally shortly before insecure vote-by-mail ballots are sent in about two weeks.

Follow up and instruct them to get their ballots early if at all possible, then fill out a straight GOP ticket and promptly return them to their voter registrar's office.

DO NOT trust the postal service. We can't let word get out that Republicans know how to mail letters.

This is a win-win situation for the president. Dead or alive or hospitalized, all of the rally attendees will have voted, so their votes will count.

If some of them die before election day, the party will have proof positive that dead people are voting by mail, proving the president correct, as always.

What's not to like?

Yours in victory should you live long enough,

Luther Lovelace
Deep State Covert Consultant and freelance pet and birthday photographer
(You know how to contact me via the Dark Web. Today's user name is KochAin't )

ps: Hyper-liberal California Antifa thugs have rigged it so that the skies will look like the 7th circle of hell on Saturday. To keep our attendees safe until they can vote, please inform them not to breathe unless absolutely necessary.



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Diabolical Déjà Vu: Fire is the Devil's only friend
Barbwire accurately called 2016 presidential result 9 months out & stands behind 2020 prediction made four years ago
Barbwire by
Andrew Barbáno
/ Expanded from the 9-2-2020 Sparks Tribune

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