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"Our republic and its press will rise or fall together." — Joseph Pulitzer

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"Media is the plural of mediocre."
— Jimmy Breslin (1928-2017)
ToddBQ '18
The Building & Construction Trades Council of Northern Nevada/AFL-CIO roasts Brother Todd Koch into retirement on Saturday, 24 Feb. 2018 at Circus Circus-Reno. Mandalay Ballroom doors open at 5:30, Dinner at 6:30 p.m.
Click here for sponsorship, table and ticket information. Show up and make it hurt!

¡Viva Chávez!
César Chávez Celebration XVI / Celebración de César Chávez XVI
Saturday 31 March 2018
/ Sabado 31 de Marzo 2018

Circus Circus Reno / Doors open 5:30, Dinner 7:00 p.m.
Sponsorship, table and ticket information

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   Everybody knows the dice are loaded.
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed.
   Everybody knows the war is over.
Everybody knows the good guys lost.
   Everybody knows the fight was fixed.
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich.
   That's how it goes.
Everybody knows...
Everybody knows the scene is dead
   But there's gonna be a meter on your bed
That will disclose
   What everybody knows...
   Everybody talking to their pockets.
Everybody wants a box of chocolates
   and a long red rose.
   Everybody knows. Everybody knows.
That's how it goes.
Everybody knows.

I hope you understand I just had to go back to the island.
Leon Russell, 1942-2016

Bliss Barbies: The yellow brick road to anorexia
Barbwire by Andrew Barbáno / Expanded from the 2-7-2018 Sparks Tribune / Updated 2-8-2018 and 4-19-2018/ Expansions in blue

On this date in 1941, Betty Joyce Luffman (Donlevy Barbano) was born in Enid, OK.

Betty J. Barbano
2-7-1941 / 12-27-2005

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If Reform Fails: Health Care, Jobs and Unions — new power to the people on the public airwaves

The program premiers were available to every television set in the region because of a high-mileage media hybrid.

The shows appeared on both commercial and community stations. The non-corporate entity produced the events, commercial TV greatly expanded distribution.

Thus began an ongoing series of sane public interest programs which generate both entertaining heat and more than a little light.

Please spread the word and consider contributing to the cause online at ReSurge.TV.

You may also take the public option known as the U.S. Postal Service and send a check or money order to ReSurge.TV, P.O. Box 10034, Reno NV 89510.

Your contribution will help fund the distribution as well as ongoing efforts at developing new media, including a regional, non-corporate community radio station and the return of community television to Reno-Sparks-Washoe.

You are present at the creation of what I hope can become a new media model where the programming accurately reflects what's happening on the ground and the media impact is powerful enough to forcefully pass the message upward.


Be well. Raise hell.


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15-year overnight success

Daily Sparks Tribune 2-10-2008

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"Bliss Babe" is a very slick local hómàge to Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Self-positioned as 'the premier women's lifestyle magazine for Nevada and California," BB is available at upscale public accommodations not frequented by the likes of me.

The current edition's cover story promotes "Beauty, Body and Bliss" complete with naked local ladies demonstrating what readers can become with proper diet, exercise and visualization. It's 14 pages of artsy black-and-white entitled "Function, Form and Bliss Body Positive."

Zounds. Another outbreak of the power of positive thinking.

Writer Meghan Ochs is one of 10, aged 29 to 49, who bare almost all in illustrating appealing paeans to empowerment. (Several recount a life-altering event.)

Ms. Ochs captions each photo with new-agey buzz. The magic word "positive" pops up like sugary sprinkles on doughnuts.

All the comely participants are slim and trim. If this is supposed to be empowerment and they are so courageous, why not go all the way? What's so repulsive about nipples and wisps of secret hair? Must everything tangential to babies remain taboo? Several women to whom I've shown BB consider the article egregious.

There's nothing wrong with positive thinking as suggestion, but not obsession.

Positive thinking was pioneered in the 19th Century by the founders of Christian Science, the faith-healing religion. It boils down to "wishing will make it so."

It has become the mantra of conservative corporate America. If you get sick, lose your job or go broke, it's all your fault because your mind ain't right, so change your negative attitude.

"Positive thinking has made us a blame-the-victim nation, perfect for the likes of morally obtuse presidents," I wrote last year. "Bush the Lesser banned bad news from security briefings, according to former National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice." (Barbwire 3-7-2017)

So reported Dr. Barbara Ehrenreich in "Bright-Sided: How Positive Thinking is Undermining America." She wrote her bestseller by surviving both breast cancer and think-yourself-well pinkness. She suggests critical thinking instead.

Her 2009 masterpiece details how psychobabble groupthink greased the skids for recession. Ask anybody on Wall Street. Stocks never go down.

Bliss Babe asserts that with proper diet, exercise (and perhaps a little elective surgery), you too can look like Danyelle Sargent Musselman, 40, wife of UNR's basketball coach.

Megan Spodobalski, 48, runs a fitness gym and was one of seven finalists for Reno Gazette-Journal Citizen of the Year. (She lost to Sparks' answer to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mayor Geno Martini.)

Ironically, BB ignored perhaps the most important part of Ms. Spodobalski's impressive resumé: the Breast Cancer 2 Bikini program, "designed to build both fitness and confidence levels in breast cancer survivors," the RGJ noted.

The six-month regimen became a 2016 documentary featuring buff bikini-clad survivors presented by KTVN TV-2 news anchor Kristen Remington, a body builder like Ms. Spodobalski.

The bikini show participants share a common trait with the Bliss Babes: Barbiesqueness.

BB publisher Leslie McCarroll praises her subjects as courageous just because they "bared their soul and allowed themselves to be vulnerable in order to tell their story and empower women and men to love their bodies."

So why cover up their family parts? Why not bravely go full-commando without the cammo?

Where are non-Barbiesque survivors? A smaller article in the same edition depicts red-dressed ladies of much broader ages, shapes and sizes commemorating Heart Health Awareness Month.

What about young girls propagandized to perversely pursue skinny supermodel silhouettes? That's the gateway to anorexia.

McCarroll should drop Vogue and read Ms. which has accepted no advertising since major cosmetic companies cancelled when the magazine featured Russian women doctors displaying the wrong type of nudity: no makeup.

The slightly-clad Bliss Babes enjoyed the services of professional cosmeticians before demurely disrobing.

START THE CURE. I attended the 2014 memorial service of 24 year-old anorexia victim Callie Hutson who could not find adequate care in northern Nevada. By the time her family sent her to Denver, it was too late.

I mentioned her to retired Reno top-gun lawyer Robert Hager who recently produced an hourlong documentary about the daughter he lost to self-starvation, "Love, Chantal."

Perhaps we can use it to kick-start a Nevada advocacy organization to demand better care for victims of the Barbie affliction.

Perhaps Bliss Babe and Channel 2 will run stories.

Be well. Raise hell. / Esté bien. Haga infierno. (Pardon my Spanglish.)

Web Extras —> The Building and Construction Trades Council of Northern Nevada/AFL-CIO will roast Sparks labor leader Todd Koch into retirement at ToddBQ '18 on February 24. I'm editing the commemorative program and need choice insults about the man I first met many years ago when he was young, handsome and promising. Alas, Todd today stands 0-for-3. Send entries to me. Hurry. Time is tight.

César Chávez XVI happens on the great man's 91st birthday on March 31. Ticket/table/sponsor info for César XVI may be accessed via the Barbwire expanded web edition at Barbwire.US/ —> Hurry.

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Metastatical Statisticals

Ready for Trump TV? Inside Sinclair Broadcasting’s Plot to Take Over Your Local News
Its mix of terrorism alerts, right-wing commentary and “classic propaganda” could soon reach 3/4 of the US.
By Andy Kroll/Mother Jones Oct.-Nov. 2017

How Sinclair Broadcasting puts a partisan tilt on trusted local news
By William Brangham/ PBS NewsHour 10-10-2017

Top-down Democrats haven't learned
By Dennis Myers / Reno News & Review 8-10-2017

More Faux than Fox? Corporate octopus Sinclair moves to dominate Nevada and U.S. television
By Dennis Myers / Reno News & Review 8-3-2017

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  Stay tuned.

  I encourage you to donate to the cause at Barbwire.TV/ The medium that shapes public opinion needs at least one refuge where it is not filtered through the distorted green eye shades of prissy corporate accountants for whom profit is the only priority; where self-censorship is the journalist's normal work environment and where all sins of omission are tacitly encouraged and forgiven with the wave of a balance sheet.

  This is important. We've got a lot of work to do.


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"Media is the plural of mediocre."
— Jimmy Breslin (1928-2017)

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Be well. Raise hell. / Esté bien. Haga infierno. (Pardon my Spanglish.)

Andrew Barbano is a 49-year Nevadan, executive producer of Nevada's annual César Chávez Day celebration, first vice-president and political action chair of the Reno-Sparks NAACP, labor/consumer/civil rights advocate, member of Communications Workers of America Local 9413/AFL-CIO and editor of and BallotBoxing.US and and As always, his opinions are strictly his own. Check local listings for other Nevada cable systems. E-mail Barbwire by Barbano has originated in the Sparks Tribune since 1988 and received its 8th Nevada Press Association award and 5th first-place at the 30 Sept. 2017 NPA annual convention in Carson City. (That trophy and about six bucks will get you a Latte Mocha Cotsafracas Chingade at just about any Starbux worldwide, guaranteed.)

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Barbwire by Barbano moved to Nevada's Daily Sparks Tribune on Aug. 12, 1988, and has originated in them parts ever since.
Whom to blame: How a hall-of-famer's hunch birthed the Barbwire in August of 1987
Tempus fugit.

Betty J. Barbano
2-7-1941 / 12-27-2005

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