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Je Suis Charlie

Hope you and yours enjoyed enthralling Thanksgibleting.
Happy High Holly Days
to all

Frohe Weihnachten und beste Wuensche fuer 2017

Mark 11-24-2016 — 142 years ago on last Thanksgiving Thursday,
Barbed wire was patented (
11-24-1874). Stick with The Barbwire to sharply point out the awful truth.

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¡Viva Chávez!
César Chávez Celebration XV / Celebración de César Chávez XV
Wednesday 29 March 2017
/ Miércoles 29 de Marzo 2017
2017 info and highlights from the record-breaking 2016 event at Circus Circus Reno

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   Everybody knows the dice are loaded.
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed.
   Everybody knows the war is over.
Everybody knows the good guys lost.
   Everybody knows the fight was fixed.
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich.
   That's how it goes.
Everybody knows...
Everybody knows the scene is dead
   But there's gonna be a meter on your bed
That will disclose
   What everybody knows...
   Everybody talking to their pockets.
Everybody wants a box of chocolates
   and a long red rose.
   Everybody knows. Everybody knows.
That's how it goes.
Everybody knows.

I hope you understand I just had to go back to the island.
Leon Russell, 1942-2016

Regressions, Transitions and Predictions
Barbwire by Barbano / Expanded from the 1-3-2017 Sparks Tribune

ADIOS, GAY ELLIKER. My dear friends the Ellikers have suffered inordinate loss over the past two years.


Support Don Dondero next
Note: Alas and alack, Dondero did not make it in 2015.
Wait 'til next year!

Barbwire wins 7th Nevada Press Association award


6-pack: BRONZE 2014
Hopelessly trying to win an earthquake / 4-18-2013

The 2013 Loony Tunes Legislative Lexicon / 5-30-2013

The politics of media ga-ga boosterism / 3-20-2014

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The program premiers were available to every television set in the region because of a high-mileage media hybrid.

The shows appeared on both commercial and community stations. The non-corporate entity produced the events, commercial TV greatly expanded distribution.

Thus began an ongoing series of sane public interest programs which generate both entertaining heat and more than a little light.

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Be well. Raise hell.


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15-year overnight success

Daily Sparks Tribune 2-10-2008

The Barbwire's Greatest Hits
Highlights from radio days
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Patriarch Shirl passed away 23 months ago. ("Nevada loses an honorable man,"Barbwire 2-27-2014).

He was followed in August 2014 by his beautiful ballerina grand-daughter Callie Hutson, 24.

Shirl and Gay's son, Jim, 50, died as a passenger in a light plane crash near the Reno airport one year and one week after his niece, Callie. His memorial service at the Sparks LDS Church on N. McCarran was overflowing, as was love for his family.

Gay & Shirl Elliker

Alas, on that day, his mother was in the hospital and could not attend.

Now, comes news that Zora Gay Elliker, 80, passed away in Utah three days after Christmas.

Gay and Shirl ran Jewelart in Moana West Center in the mid-1970s and later acquired Tanner's merchandise shows. They also operated a shop in Reno's Antique Mall.

They forever stand among the finest people I have ever known.

Visitation for Mrs. Elliker will take place from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. this Thursday, Jan. 5, at O'Brien-Rogers-Crosby, 600 W. Second in Reno.

A graveside memorial service will be held at 11:00 a.m. Jan. 6 at Masonic Memorial Gardens, 437 Stoker.

For details, watch the expanded web edition of this column at

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Last year's dark foreshadowings unfortunately became reality, so I suggest signing onto the HushHush! list at BallotBoxing.US/

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THE 2016 TOP 10: The current Reno News & Review includes Sonoma State University's Project Censored list of the 10 most-censored (meaning under-reported) news stories of 2016.

So here's the Barbwire list/rogues gallery for 2016.

Do something, even if it's wrong.

1. TRACY TACIT ON TOXIC TURF. Washoe School superintendent Traci Davis is painfully oblivious to toxic crumb rubber athletic fields. (Barbwire 12-23-2016)

2. FLAT-LINING EDUCATION. Despite the $1.4 billion tax increase the 2015 legislature passed, education funding levels remain flat. (Barbwire 7-21-2015)

3. OVERT RACISM at North Valleys area public schools. More soon.

4. AMBULANCE CHASING OR ELSE. Because of the phony malpractice insurance "crisis" manufactured by the medical lobby a decade ago, victims of bad medicine can't get lawyers.

A Las Vegas woman contracted major maladies in childbirth and was cast adrift by the system.

Meanwhile, shysters like "Heavy Hitter" Glenn Lerner and his local peers get fat on accident cases.

Much more at

5. RENO PD HIRING SCREENS OUT MINORITIES. Sparks PD's numbers are worse.

6. LAND GRAB AMODEI. He's not just trying to turn Nevada's public lands over to developers, the congressman hopes it makes him governor.

7. BUILDING BOOM, JOBS BUST. UNR and Tesla do everything they can to hire out-of-state contractors at substandard wages.

8. MURDER MOST FOUL ON THE COMSTOCK. Madcap Storey County Sheriff Gerald Cook Antinoro botched the investigation into Judith Black's homicide so her now-wealthy widower may well walk.

9. PARDON JACK JOHNSON. President Obama must grant justice for the great heavyweight champion after a century of neglect.

10. GOING MAD. Nevada's mental health system has never recovered from the budget cuts of 1991.

Then-Gov. Bob Miller (D) and future Gov. Kenny Guinn (R) proved what a cruelly non-partisan backwater Nevada was and remains to this very day.

HAPPY NEW YEAR / Feliz Año Nuevo
Frohe Weihnachten und beste Wuensche fuer 2017

Happy High Holly Days


Hope you and yours experienced enthralling Thanksgibleting.

Be well. Raise hell. / Esté bien. Haga infierno. (Pardon my Spanglish.)


TOMORROW'S NEWS TODAY: FEEL UP YOUR FIRE METER. The Reno Gazette-Journal did big spreads on three consecutive Sundays (Sept. 14, Sept. 21 and Sept. 28, 2014) on NV Energy smart meter fires. Welcome aboard. Barbwire readers were two years ahead on the fire meter issue. (Touch a Smart Meter, Go to Jail — 11 October 2012)

FIRE METER UPDATES: THE NEVADA FIRE MARSHALL'S INVESTIGATION concluded "don't worry, be happy." I'm still worried and will continue fondling NVE's precious equipment —> If your smart meter feels very hot, not just from sunshine, call 911.

In its Sunday 21 Dec. 2014 front page headline major story, the Reno Gazette-Journal published results of the NVEnergy-commissioned "don't worry, be happy" echo study. On 1-27-2015, the RGJ published an analysis based on veteran reporter Anjeanette Damon's review of more than 1,000 pages of documents.

bottom line: NVE handles this like auto manufacturers handle defects —> It's cheaper to pay legal settlements after people are injured or killed than to fix
the problem.

Don'tcha worry 'bout a thing! If you can't trust your power company, whom can you trust?

Smoking guns: Rooftop solar assassination Energy War Room

DIDN'T THEY MAKE A MOVIE CALLED "THE INCREDIBLES"? On 2-6-2015, the RGJ reported that the Public Utilities Commission has ordered NVE to hire an independent laboratory to review the material.

UPDATE: The report said all is well. I still recommend feeling up your fire meter on a regular basis.

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"Media is the plural of mediocre."
                              — Jimmy Breslin

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Be well. Raise hell. / Esté bien. Haga infierno. (Pardon my Spanglish.)

Andrew Barbano
is a 48-year Nevadan, chair of the Nevada César Chávez Committee, producer of Nevada's annual César Chávez Day celebration, first vice-president and political action chair of the Reno-Sparks NAACP, labor/consumer/civil rights advocate, member of Communications Workers of America Local 9413/AFL-CIO and editor of and and As always, his opinions are strictly his own. Check local listings for other Nevada cable systems. E-mail Barbwire by Barbano has originated in the Sparks Tribune since 1988.

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