Teamsters Local 533 members sweep top awards in transit safety competition

UPDATE — This story has been picked up by Teamster Magazine, the international union's publication

COLD SPARKS — A few rugged individuals showed up to cool their heels and legs, but most had the sense to cover up on an increasingly cold day, like the guy below...
GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINES — IBT 533 Secretary-Treasurer Paul Tea, above left, and Vice-President George Thrower, in blue shirt.
CHEERS — The Local 533 cheering section, which got considerably warmer when the union's in-house rock 'n' roll band got smoking...
THESE GUYS ARE GOOD — Local 533's own rock stars, aka ROADKILL, got hot just as the stormy day turned colder. Shown left to right are guitarist John Moss, singers Jackie Lynumn and Lavina Talanoa, drummer John Cross, singer Armand Martinez, guitarist Hank Jelenwicz and bass guitarist Russ Mansfield (who is apparently also a rugged individual). Obscured behind Bro. Moss is awesome singer Eva Johnson, to whom the editor sincerely apologizes. [UPDATE: Roadkill featured on Teamsters international website and magazine.]
THE SPOILS OF WAR — IBT 533 members Gerald Waters, above left, and Rex Schrock brought home the bronze, the gold and more important, the lean mean green.
For the fourth year in a row, RTC Ride driver Schrock won the Grand Champion Award, automatically qualifying him to advance to nationals. His score of 518 points topped all competitors. The 12-year RTC veteran also took home $1,000 in first place money for winning the Best of Transit trophy.
    Schrock then got icing for his cake on an icy afternoon by winning $257 in a cash raffle drawing. He will drive in the American Public Transit Association national competition for the fourth consecutive time. His best finish came in 2007 when he took 14th place. This year's event takes place in Cleveland, Ohio, April 30 through May 5.
    Teamster Felipe Tango (486 points) took the silver, worth $500. Waters accumulated 421 points to win the third-place money.
HAIL TO THE KING OF THE ROAD — Rex Schrock demonstrated for the fourth year in a row that he has the software under his hat to bring home the hardware in his hands. He holds his 2010 Grand Champion and Best of Transit awards. Rumor has it that he is looking for a union bricklayer to expand the mantel over his fireplace because he's running out of room.

Photos: Andrew Barbano/
CWA 9413 / AFL-CIO

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(Photo: Andrew Barbano/



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