Blast from the past
On Sept. 21, 1949, Whittlesea Radio Taxi owner Victor Whittlesea called his cabs off the roads after a Reno strike produced picketing in Las Vegas.
Courtesy of journalist Dennis Myers' Poor Denny's Almanac
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Union cabbies plan mass Las Vegas Strip stoppage/demonstration May 29
Las Vegas Review-Journal 5-28-2015

Cab users: buckle up or else
By John L. Smith / Las Vegas Review-Journal 5-21-2015

In the Uber-Nevada Legislature, words can kill
Barbwire by Barbano / Expanded from the 4-28-2015 Sparks Tribune

Clark County's taxi industry had a banner year in 2014
By Richard N. Velotta / Las Vegas Review-Journal 2-2-2015

Las Vegas limo company gets $200,000 fine for shorting its workers
By Andrea Domanick / Las Vegas Sun 1-26-2015

‘Taxi wars’ of ’60s predate today’s stand-off with Uber
By Richard N. Velotta / Las Vegas Review-Journal 11-29-2014

Uber executive suggests digging up dirt on critics
BuzzFeed News via Las Vegas Sun / 11-18-2014

Reno PD identifies taxi driver killed in second weekend robbery incident
KRNV TV-4 / 11-10-2014

Nevada strip clubs take two high court hits
By Sean Whaley / Las Vegas Review-Journal 11-8-2014

Masked and bulletproofed, Taxicab Authority troopers pull SWAT duty in busting UBER taxi drivers in Las Vegas Strip sting at Caesar's Palace
John L. Smith / Las Vegas Review-Journal 10-29-2014

Uber, taxicab version of Craigslist, may soon drive Las Vegas
By Richard N. Velotta / Las Vegas Review-Journal 10-20-2014

Las Vegas cabbie who turned in $300,000 cash left by fare, wins another award
By Richard N. Velotta / Las Vegas Review-Journal 10-14-2014

RIPOFF CITY: Las Vegas needs to solve cab driver long-hauling of short-route customers
Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial / 3-12-2014

Breaking Solidarity: Union goes unilateral, striking LV cabbies grumble, strike expansion considered
Las Vegas Review-Journal / 3-15-2013

Las Vegas taxi drivers authorize strike to begin 3 March 2013
Las Vegas Sun / 2-28-2013

Slain taxi driver Michael Boldon leaves void at Desert Cab Co.
Las Vegas Sun / 2-23-2013

First since 1970s—>Gomorrah South cabbie strike looms
Las Vegas Review-Journal / 1-29-2013

LV coroner identifies cab driver shot in robbery attempt
Las Vegas Sun / 3-7-2011

In December, a federal judge in Gomorrah South granted class action status to a lawsuit by limo drivers who shamelessly ask to be paid for all hours worked. It affects a lot of cabbies in these parts. Stay tuned.
Barbwire by Barbano / Daily Sparks Tribune / 1-10-2010

Limo drivers’ suit seeks safety net: Minimum wage pay
Las Vegas Sun / 6-13-2009

Cab passenger in accident finds no one has to pay for her injuries
After hit-and-run, she learns Nevada law contains insurance loophole for taxis

Son in Georgia seeks his long-lost Reno cabbie father. Please help.


DEAR NEVADA LABORITES: Former LV councilmember Steve Miller's comments, below, hit home. Since I moved to Reno from Las Vegas in 1971, few events have etched themselves in my memory than the senseless murder of Reno cab driver Tom Sumida. The young couple who killed him for a few pennies and perhaps a thrill continue to rot in the Nevada State Prison, at least I hope so.

A couple of years ago, in-cab Global Positioning Satellite equipment was supposed to make life safer. Actually, what was installed got there because ownership thought it would make for more efficient, and thus more profitable routing. Safety was not even the secondary consideration. I can't say if it's done any good. People are still dying.

Nevada workers have always been disposable, even the ones who deserve combat pay for showing up every day. People like Tom Sumida and Pairoj Chitprasart.

It's time for the people to speak out to protect the cabbies.

Dammit, somebody's gotta care.

Let's declare war to save lives for change.

Be well. Raise hell.

Andrew Barbano, Editor


JANE ANN MORRISON: It looks like politics as usual drives LV Taxicab Authority appointment

LV unions claim violations of cab drivers' 12-hour day legal limit

Son in Georgia seeks his long-lost Reno cabbie father. Please help.

Cab companies and taxicab authority snub camera rules

Cameras in LV cabs soon a reality

Two thugs rob three LV cabbies Still no comprehensive safety policy in Nevada

ROAD WARRIOR: Cab camera advocates lose battles, win war

Road Warrior: New website offers drivers a place to vent

Las Vegas Sun Editorial: Bring free market to cabs

Cops want traffic cameras, enhanced seat belt penalties
in 2007 legislative session

LV Taxicab Authority rules to keep fares at current rate

In Business Las Vegas: Q&A with Nevada Taxicab Authority boss

Pair used gun and bottle to rob Reno cab driver

Companies claim ignorance of failed smog tests on LV cabs

LVRJ ROAD WARRIOR: Old Vegas lives in shady taxicab practices

Ex-cabby gets probation in 2004 death of tourist

Craig Harris, advocate for cabbies, dies at 56

California businessman files application to run all-electric taxi cabs in LV

Micromanaging cab companies
Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial

Cabbie killer gets life term

JEFF GERMAN: Would a camera have saved cabbie's life?

Cab crunch at McCarran airport getting worse

Taxi official resigns, downplays controversy over cameras

COLUMNIST JEFF GERMAN: Who will police the cabbies?

Taxicab Authority will not add more hacks

COLUMNIST JEFF GERMAN: Taxi panel can't hear reason

Governor says AG will handle investigation on how no-tip amendment
was tacked onto cabbie bill at last minute

Las Vegas Sun SUN Letters to the Editor
Crack down on unsafe cabbies, 22 June 2005
Treat limos the same as taxis, 22 June
It's capitalism, not a kickback, 22 June

Officials: Cab cameras help fight crime

Cabbies' income preserved with veto

Gov. Guinn vetoes cabdriver bill

Guinn vetoes cabbie kickback bill

COLUMNIST JEFF GERMAN: Sounding off on cab cameras

COLUMNIST JOHN L. SMITH: Cabdriver amendment swallowed up in Vegas' kickback jungle

JEFF GERMAN: County eases up on cabbies

LasVegas Review-Journal Editorial: Governor should veto cabbie kickback bill

Las Vegas Sun Editorial: Agrees with RJ that cabbie kickback bill should be scotched

JEFF GERMAN: Backroom dealing at the ledge on cabbie kickback and neighborhood casino bills

Governor to veto cabbie bill
Drivers threatened to strike over ban on business tips

LITTLE NOTICED AMENDMENT: Cabby protest delivers
Cabdrivers declared victory Friday in their fight to keep kickbacks legal, as Gov. Kenny Guinn vowed to veto a bill containing such a ban amid threats of sporadic wildcat driver strikes.

Cabbies lash out at bill

COLUMNIST JEFF GERMAN: Clear up taxicab sound issue

Columnist Jeff German: Case of cab thief is proof of camera urgency

Letter from a worried wife of a cabbie

Two men arrested in attack on Reno cab driver

2000-2004 NEWS LINKS

A heartfelt comment from former Las Vegas City Councilman Steve Miller

Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 14:16:34 EDT
Subject: Buddhist Funeral Held for Cab Driver

So far, two elected officials and one cab company owner have stepped forward to ask that cameras be installed in all Nevada taxicabs. US Rep. Shelly Berkley and Las Vegas City Councilman Michael Mack have joined with Yellow, Checker, Star Cab Company part-owner Pete Eliadis to advocate for the safety of cabbies after the murder of Paul Chitprasart.

Now its time for our elected, tourist, and taxicab industry officials to join with Berkley, Mack, and Eliadis to make sure cabbies — the first and last persons many of our tourists come in contact with during their Vegas vacations — are safe and happy on the job. A fearful cabbie can ruin anyone's vacation, and LV cabbies have much to be fearful of. When a cabbie tells a tourist of the burning of Mr. Chitprasart and how so many other drivers have been robbed or killed, its sure to put a damper on anyone's vacation. -- SM
Janine Gill, Reporter
Buddhist Funeral Held for Cab Driver (Aug. 27, 2004) — Two local cab companies are testing cameras in the cabs to see if they will help prevent crime. Many cab drivers believe the incident could have been prevented, if cameras were required to be installed in all cabs...

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 16:55:52 EDT
Subject: LV SUN: Cabbie was an advocate for safety cameras

This is a disgrace!

In 1995, after the recent murders of two local cab drivers, I was asked to make a presentation before the Nevada Taxi Cab Authority on the practicality of installing cameras in cabs. Then-Taxi Authority Chairman Jim Jimmerson along with his board thwarted the effort while several cab company owners sat in the audience giving silent signals. During a break in the hearing, one of the owners, a man who had donated thousands of dollars to my political campaigns, came up to me and said, "Steve, I thought we are friends. What are you doing?" I told my old friend that I was just trying to save lives. He was then seen having a side bar meeting with Jimmerson and another Commissioner.

Soon, the Commission voted to "study" the matter, and assigned a "Blue Ribbon Committee" of 17 wannabe politicians to take further testimony. That Committee, under the leadership of Danny Tarkanian, wasted more of my time along with the time of dozens of drivers and their family members who tried to persuade the Committee to
recommend cameras to the Taxi Authority. I then took the matter before the Nevada Senate Transportation Committee who asked why the Taxi Authority did not act previously? All of the authorities did NOTHING for the next nine years, and a dozen more innocent cabbies died as a consequence. After this week's murder of Pairoj Chitprasart, I now realize that almost everyone with the power to protect our taxi driver's safety are more interested in keeping in good standing with certain moneyed cab company owners, than caring about the fallen drivers and the well-being of their widows and children. — SM

Cabbie was an advocate for safety cameras
By Jen Lawson
After a passenger tried to rob cabdriver Pairoj Chitprasart last year, he became vocal in his support of surveillance cameras in taxicabs. The 51-year-old advocated for the cameras in his Thai-language newspaper that he supported with his taxi-driving pay, his girlfriend of five years and co-manager of the newspaper said. Now she and Chitprasart's fellow cabbies are haunted by the thought that a camera might have prevented Chitprasart from being victimized a second time, this time by a passenger who set him afire Friday night. Chitprasart died of his injuries Tuesday...

2000-2004 NEWS LINKS

Charges against suspect upgraded to murder after torched driver dies

Columnist Jeff German — Cabbies fall victim while board stalls
Serial robbers stalk Vegas hacks

Cabbies say torching of driver highlights need for cameras

Arrest made in torching of cab driver

Camera tests coming to some taxicabs

LV Sun Columnist Jeff German
Bringing vision to the cab cam debate

Columnist Jeff German: Safety comes last;
Cab owners block video cameras in taxis

ILLEGAL CAB PRACTICE: Tourists taken for ride

Columnist Jeff German — Time to protect cabbies
with cameras in cars

Taxi company owners present reward plan for cab-related crimes

Cabdrivers favor digital cameras in their taxicabs

Columnist Jeff German — Cabbies deserve protection

Some LV cabbies push for video cameras in their cars

Leader of fledging LV cab driver organization fired






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