RENO (Nov. 19, 2005) —A who's who of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters held a rally for the Hoffa-Keegel Slate at Reno's Circus Circus Hotel-Casino. Four of the five seeking western region vice-presidencies attended and addressed the full house hosted by Teamsters Local 533 and Business Manager Mark Tracy. Al Hobart (IBT Local 760), Chuck Mack (Local 70), Randy Cammack (Local 63) and Ralph Taurone (Local 222) greeted a special guest, Ken Hall of W. Virginia in the East Coast Region. Among the Western Region candidates, only Jim Santangelo (Local 848) was unable to make it to Reno for the event.

     Mack addressed the challenges and opportunities in front of the union's growing membership in a time of dynamic change. Elections will be held at the union's convention in June, 2006, in Las Vegas.

Photo gallery of the event

Bus riders save driver's life
Daily Sparks Tribune

Oct. 17, 2005

RENO, Nev. — Les Sweeney was just doing his job when he had a heart attack and collapsed behind the wheel of a Citifare bus. Luckily, the bus was parked at CitiCenter and not moving at the time of the attack.

THANKS (Oct. 14, 2005) — Longtime Teamsters Local 533 member Les Sweeney expresses his heartfelt gratitude to some of the people who saved his life.

(Photo copyright © 2005 Debra Reid, the Daily Sparks Tribune. Used with permission.)

Several astute riders reacted quickly to save Sweeney. Michael Johnson, security guard at the Silver Legacy, administered CPR.

Mario Trinidad used the automated defibrillator machine to resuscitate Sweeney. Although Trinidad did have some training, the machines are designed to guide the user through the process.

Denise Benally, Daleen Smothers and Tim Ortale also participated in the rescue effort.

Sweeney said he was just glad to be alive.

"It's a real pleasure to be here today," he said.

Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County Board Chair John Mayer gave all the riders plaques and commended their quick response to Sweeney's condition.

"I appreciate this response to a tragic situation," he said.

Mayer joked that Sweeney seemed to be in good condition at the RTC Board meeting Friday morning (Oct. 14).

"That's made it so he looks better than I do," Mayer said.

(Copyright © 2005 Daily Sparks Tribune. Used with permission.)



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