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Rawhide Realities Review by Travus T. Hipp/ Daily Sparks Tribune 10-9-2011

   Dear Friends:

   The following is the last e-mail Travus ever sent to me. Received on 7 October 2011, it was an advance on his column of 9 October 2011.

   He felt compelled to react to the consistently dingbat stuff spewed by one of the Sparks Tribune's token conservatives.

   Longtime radio listeners will take a mind excursion when they hear his voice in these words. His clear thinking remains both timely and timeless, kinda like him.

   I proudly post it on the anniversary of his death.

Andrew Barbano
18 May 2013

Generally, columnists avoid conflicts with their brethren in the opinion peddling game, knowing all too well the glass nature of our own houses.

Travus T. Hipp

Patrick Kennedy/Pk Photo

Even when we disagree, we tend to allow every petty pundit their inch of ink in hopes of being given equal latitude the next time we write something totally
off the wall.

Sometimes, however, such etiquette must be set aside in the interest of protecting the public from published idiocy that threatens to misinform the masses and endanger society.

Last week Christine Whitmarsh offered up her own definitions of various political terms and labels in current use by critics of the current socio/political debate, definitions that reveal all too clearly her dedication to bumper-sticker slogans and the mindless partisanship that marks the new right wing nuts.

After deriding the collective intellectual labors of the editors and publishers of Webster’s tome on words and meanings ("Webster’s misconstrued,
historically inaccurate, redefined dictionary…."), Whitmarsh goes on the defensive for her Tea Party cronies claiming they are maligned by critics and the media as Nazis, racists and anti-capitalist fellow travelers of the vaguely socialist stripe of George Orwell, whom she quotes out of context.

In Whitmarsh’s thesaurus, "capitalists" are investors whose ownership of the means of production, distribution and the means of exchange of wealth who richly deserve their obscene profits, capital gains and executive bonuses.

She dismisses critics as having less money than her.

The essence of "fascism" seems to have escaped her as well.

The role of fascist governments is to protect and defend the aforementioned capitalists from social demands of the workers and the underclass.

In return, the fascists enjoy support, politically and through economic manipulation, of the owners of the machinery of progress for profit.

Fascism is an economic philosophy that evolves from unrestricted capitalism.

The reality of "racism" within the hard right wing nuts is well chronicled long before the advent of Barack Obama, and the so called "birthers" stand as only one example.

As to "Tea Bag" patriots, for once in her article, Whitmarsh is correct.

The average redneck housewife in a straw hat decorated with hanging tea bags, carrying a sign depicting our president as an African medicine man with a bone in his nose and wearing a sign "Hands of my Medicare!", does know more about basic economics, personal liberty and the U.S. Constitution than she does.

The political dialogue today has grown vicious in recent years.

Decades of mass education have produced a generation whose idea of wisdom is a snappy one-line insult.

The ignorant celebrate their lack of intellectual acuity as common sense and if the commentators cannot rise above that level of puerile propaganda, they might consider a real job.


The life and times of Travus T. Hipp
The best who ever was
Feb. 20, 1937 — May 18, 2012

Travus T. Hipp
Feb. 20, 1937
— May 18, 2012

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