Hereinbelow is page one of a three-page article by Evelyn Kerr in the January 2013 edition of TimeMazine, a Greek psychedelic music fanzine. Used by permission.

Friday, 11 Jan 2013 04:16:04 (EST)

Hi Andrew.

I'm writing now to tell you that the latest
TimeMazine — issue 7 — is finally out.  It is mainly a magazine about psychedelic music from the 60s and also now.  I have an article on Chan — it is more  about him and music — and his involvement in the Red Dog Saloon and also how he was remembered. On the cover (above), you can see where it says down towards the bottom on the right "Travus T. Hipp."

The CD also has compilation of one of his radio broadcasts from 2006 — which his son Sean allowed to be used.

Anyone who wants to buy a copy — and also likes the music of the 60s and also now in that vein — can buy one direct from They can buy with PayPal. The cost is either getting the magazine with the CD (which has Chan's broadcast on it) or getting the magazine with the CD plus a 7" vinyl single which is a new addition to the 'zine these days. The prices include postage to the US.

TimeMazine #7 + CD : 14 EUROS (POSTAGE INCLUDED)

TimeMazine #7 + CD + 7" VINYL SINGLE (Black) : 20 EUROS (POSTAGE INCLUDED)



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Evelyn Kerr
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