Fundraiser Saturday for terminally ill boy

Poster child for America's dysfunctional health care system

Updated 8-19-2006

Valerie Nelson, Sun Valley Bar (775) 674-2220
Lisa Albiniano (775) 303-0606

THE KID — William Albiniano, 8, needs expensive kidney treatments and medication his family cannot afford without insurance.

"We ran out of his medication two weeks ago," said his mother Lisa Albiniano.

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SUN VALLEY — A local boy's struggle to live brings the community to his aid this Saturday.

The Sun Valley Bar will host a fundraiser for William Albiniano on August 19 from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

The Reno eight year-old wants to be a firefighter but may not live long enough to achieve his goal. He suffers from MPGN, a condition in which his white blood cells attack his internal organs.

He requires several medications to slow the process and help ease his pain, including an expensive drug normally used on patients who have had an organ transplant.

He also needs to travel to UC Davis in California for treatment each month. Because his main drug has not been FDA approved for someone in his condition, the manufacturer cannot give it to him free, which it can do for low-income transplant patients.

His family has no health insurance and is in the process of appealing a denial of coverage by the Nevada Checkup plan for children. [1]

The family has skipped several house payments to foot $1,400 a month for medicine plus expensive monthly trips to see California doctors. William spent July 29 in Washoe Med's emergency room because his blood pressure and heart rate were spiking.

The Sun Valley Bar is producing what owner Valerie Nelson terms a kid-friendly event Saturday, including games, food, beverages and prizes. The highlight will be the raffling of a Salorr kids pocket motorcycle donated by Internet Auto Sales. The drawing will take place at 4:30 p.m.

The Sun Valley Bar is located at 5544 Sun Valley Blvd.

Several dozen area businesses have put out donation jars for the family over the past several, but little has been generated. Accounts have been set up at Bank of America and Wells Fargo Bank.

A yard sale fundraiser has been scheduled on Sept. 9 at Dee's Used Furniture in Sun Valley. Anyone wishing to contribute items may call (775) 771-4951 or (775) 303-0606.

Versions of the above story appeared in the 8-19-2006 Daily Sparks Tribune and Reno Gazette-Journal.

1. Nevada Checkup's recent publicity touting its success and availability: "Nevada parents whose children are uninsured shouldn't have to agonize over choosing between taking their child to the doctor or putting food on the table."

Full story: UNINSURED KIDS: Public health care coverage available
Low-income families eligible for Medicaid, state plan

Las Vegas Review-Journal 8-10-2006

UPDATE: You may view Joe Hart's August 16 story on William by going to and clicking on Special Features at the left hand side of the page. Once there, look for the headline entitled "HART OF THE MATTER: Reno Family of Child with Life Threatening Disease Isn't Getting Financial Help...Their son is battling a life threatening illness. They can barely afford his monthly medication and they've now fallen behind on their house payments. To top it all off, they've been rejected by a state program designed to help people in their situation. News 4's Joe Hart focuses on a family that refuses to give up...."

The director of Nevada Checkup refused to be interviewed for Mr. Hart's story. I spoke with him after Lisa Albiniano gave him written permission to do so, as she did for Mr. Hart. Charles Duarte said his office is awaiting (what else?) more paperwork.

Keep in mind that older web browsers will probably not work to get you to the video from the home page. You must also have Microsoft Windows Media Player in your system. It's available for both Windows and MAC and probably other systems at the BillGatesLand website, — leastways I hope so.


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The above press release was prepared and distributed by Andrew Barbano. All comments hereinabove are strictly the responsibility of Mr. Barbano. Because of the short time frame, none of the above has been proof-read or edited by Mss. Nelson or Albiniano, who were contacted for information.

Be well. Raise hell. — AB

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