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BARBWIRE: Comeuppance for corporate welfare queens
Reno City Council rolls over and plays dead for the mighty hunter
9-25-2007, Updated 9-26-2007

Nevada hunters and anglers decline
Reno Gazette-Journal 9-5-2007

Fish story

    In order to score a gimme of millions in corporate welfare taxpayer dollars which would otherwise go to schools, parks, roads, police, fire and other local services, Cabela's has promised the City of Reno —with no apparent penalty for failure —that its new Verdi store west of town will draw 3,000,000 visitors a year. Everybody's got a good fish story but this one looks like a world class whopper.

The entire 2006 visitor count for Reno-Sparks-Incline/Tahoe was only 5,180,692, so Cabela's has promised a marketing miracle — an increase of almost 60 percent for an area which has seen annual tourism shrink by half a million visitors since 2002. Almost half (46%) of existing visitors come from California, which Cabela's asserts will be the primary source of its new customer/tourists.
[Source: Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority 2006 Reno-Sparks Visitor Profile Study]

    Do you believe that pigs can fly seeking pie in the sky?

Let's look at just how hard it is to find sporting goods in these parts.

    The above map shows all the outdoor retailers in the Reno marketing area, including Bass Pro stores in California. This clearly shows that there is no shortage of places to buy fishing poles, camouflage and camping gear, particularly in light of Nevada's status as one of the lowest-ranking states for the number participating in hunting and fishing, days spent hunting and fishing and for total expenditures on hunting and fishing equipment, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

    This map does not include stores Cabela’s is likely to put into California after they finish squeezing the suckers at Reno City Hall.


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