Roger Maillard, Union Man
AFSCME Local 4041 / AFL-CIO

This is probably the last photo of him that was taken in May of this year. I organized an event at the Local 4041 headlining Barbara Buckley and her efforts on behalf of state employees.  When Barbara was delayed in last minute negotiations at the legislature, Roger stepped up and spoke on all that was happening at the legislature and how it affected the state employees. Roger was one of those seasoned veterans who shared his legislative knowledge with me, as I was cutting my teeth on the most contentious sessions in Nevada history. That's the one thing everyone has to respect about this union; those with experience share with newcomers to build a well educated next generation in the union. Guys like Roger Maillard and Danny Coyle were always there to give of their time and talent to teach as well as represent state employees. As a matter of fact, Roger was battling health problems throughout the session, but didn't allow it to prevent him from showing up at the legislature every day.
Annie Alfano

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