It's time for a national solution

Health Care for America Now Local Resolution

State of Nevada

Whereas families, large and small businesses, health care providers and state and local government in Nevada are struggling to access the quality, affordable healthcare that they need to promote healthy families and a healthy economy in their state and nationally;

And whereas, as a result of the national health care crisis, health insurance premiums in Nevada increased by 54.6 percent between 2000 and 2007 while median earnings increased by only 21.4 percent;

And whereas, even while the economy is failing, families are still facing skyrocketing health care costs that have increased in Nevada from $6,688 to $10,341 between 2000 and 2007 for an average family;

And whereas Nevada employers also face an increasing cost burden for health insurance premiums as the employer’s portion of annual premiums increased from $5,719 to $8,066 between 2000 and 2007;

And whereas over 841,000 people, including over 107,000 children actually lack any health care coverage at all in Nevada, making it impossible for these individuals to get access to basic preventative care that could reduce health care costs and health care problems in the long run;

Therefore, be it resolved that the time for a national solution to the American health care crisis that threatens the economic and physical health of the people of Arkansas and people across the country is now.

Also, be it resolved that Nevada recognizes the urgent need for a national solution to the health care crisis that meets key criteria for comprehensive health care reform set forth by President Obama and Health Care for America Now including the following:

  • Affordable coverage and care, with premiums and out-of-pocket costs based on a family’s ability to pay and a choice of providers that meet our families needs from preventative care to care for serious illness.
  • A choice of health insurance plans, including the right to keep your current insurance, choose another private plan or to join a public health insurance plan.
  • Equity in health care access, treatment, research and resources to people and communities of color and strengthening health services in low-income communities.
  • A system in which government sets and enforces rules on insurance company practices and charges, requiring them to put our health care before their profits.
  • Coverage that is predictable and affordable for working families, retirees, small businesses, and other employers and that controls costs while improving quality, with measures such as: lowering administrative expenses, investing in preventive care, actively managing disease, setting standards for performance, reducing medical errors, and using the public’s purchasing power to lower drug and other prices.

Finally, be it resolved that in 2009, local governments, families, providers, and businesses across Nevada will work together with the newly elected President Obama, the Nevada Congressional Delegation, and the leaders of the New Congress to guarantee quality, affordable health care for everyone in our state and across the country.

     The above resolution was presented by HCAN State Director Theresa Navarro to Assemblyman Moises Denis, D-Las Vegas, at the Nevada Legislature on April 15, 2009, after they discussed it on the Barbwire television program on April 14. It is late in our very short biennial session, but he promised to do his best.

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